Our business recently had a large amount of data entry that we needed entered into our computer system quickly and efficiently, and we real...

How to get data entry projects bulk?

Our business recently had a large amount of data entry that we needed entered into our computer system quickly and efficiently, and we really didn't want to use our own resources to handle the job. Our young administrative staffs was very busy with their own jobs to do and probably didn't have the appropriate speed or skill levels with their typing, so we started to look at the idea of hiring a data entry firm to get the job done. There were many different options available to us when we started investigating, we soon began to realise that regardless of cost we were going to save ourselves a lot of time and trouble. We found that there were a number of different ways to skin this data entry cat, the great news is you will find people to do the work in no time at all. From the experience we gained here are a few suggestions of the places you could seek suitable data entry operators.

Getting online and using the Internet is the first first we would recommend using to find data entry operations. You will find many online operators with years of data entry experience, from our experience these operators will be up for whatever you throw their way and most offer great references that are easy to check on. We found that there are a few ways to utilize these services, mailing the data in bulk packages is one option, we chose to scan our data and to send it digitally. We also specified for the operator we chose the exact requirements for the job and arranged to pay job by job, It is important that you are very specific about the timing of the data entry job you require done and also the accuracy of work that you will require. On the first job that we had people bid on we requested 100% accuracy but we found if we listed 98% accuracy that the price was improved incredibly and our documents were very acceptable. Obviously if your requirements include lots of numbers and a legal element you will want to specify 100% accuracy.

If you are not comfortable with sourcing a company online, another option we have used in the past is to hire locally. In the normal way that you would hire any administration staff, If you prepare a few quick and simple speed and accuracy tests specifically for the interview you will soon have someone to do the job. You can even offer to pay a flat rate for the entire project that you need done, The tactic that we use to encourage efficient performance is to offer a flat rate for the project and that way your contracted employee will be motivated to get through the work and move on to the next project they have in mind.

We have found that with really big projects of data entry we can offer a few people a trial to get the work and then naturally we give them different sections of the work to do and maximise the work done, we then decide who the fastest and most accurate trialist is and award them with the contract.

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